After a blistering 47% gain last year, silver is headed for more outstanding gains.  The Silver Institute recently said, “The outlook for the silver price in 2021 remains exceptionally encouraging, with the annual average price projected to rise by 46 percent…” Demand for physical silver is forecast to rise by more than 25%.

Van Simmons, Presdent of David Hall Rare Coins recently said, “There is an acute shortage of physical silver available at this time.  The U.S. Mint is out of the Silver Eagles…[and] silver bars in the 100 ounce size are unavailable at this time.  In 30 years I have never seen that.”

Investment demand for silver was up 8% in 2020 to its highest level in 5 years.  ETF demand absolutely exploded to record levels, up an astounding 298%.  Then in late January/early February, a social media storm triggered a silver squeeze event, launching silver ETF demand to near-shortage levels

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Silver Stock Investor is the only investment newsletter focused on silver and covering all the ways to invest in the silver space, from large miners, royalty companies and funds, to small explorers and takeout targets.

Silver ETFs hit new all-time records, soaring to over 1 billion ounces. 

That pushed holdings off the charts!

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Commodities prices have been exploding higher. Almost every single commodity is up by double digits, with many clocking triple digit gains.

In the past year alone lumber has soared 290%, oil is up 202%, copper has gained 83%, corn has popped 67%, and sugar has gained 47%.

By all accounts, we’re in the early days of a secular commodities bull market. All the ingredients are in place:

Demand is robust and soaring. 

The green energy revolution and infrastructure buildout are massive drivers that require huge amounts of metal

Supply is weak and challenged.  

After a decade of weak metals market means the pipeline of new projects is weak. 

Inflation is soaring.  

At 5%, inflation is running at its hottest since 2008, pushing metals prices higher

A precious metals bull market is also kicking off.

Real interest rates are in negative territory.  And they’re stuck there as inflation runs higher while central banks keep rates low to stimulate the economy.  

That produces negative real rates, THE top driver for higher silver and gold prices

Precious metals can rise, while hedging market risks, even if broader markets are rising: exactly the case today

Silver is BOTH a monetary and industrial metal.  That makes it THE way to play BOTH the commodities and precious metals bull markets.  

Silver Stock Investor is written from one silver investor to another, to navigate the silver waters and build a portfolio that covers all of silver’s opportunities.

Silver Stock Investor is a twice-monthly newsletter focused exclusively on silver investing.  It provides in-depth analysis of the silver market.  

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Silver Stock Investor is a monthly newsletter providing an in-depth analysis of the silver market and explaining how one silver expert is positioning his portfolio for this silver bull market.  

That silver expert is Peter Krauth, who has spent more than 20 years researching, analyzing, and investing in silver and silver stocks. Peter's silver insights come from deep knowledge of the sector, years of experience, and scores of meetings and interviews with industry insiders and management teams. 

He uses his knowledge to understand the silver space and see opportunity early. And he taps his experience and network to find the best silver stocks to own as this silver market runs, from small discovery-focused explorers to major silver miners. In Silver Stock Investor, Peter explains what stocks he is buying and selling - so subscribers can too.

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Written from one silver investor to another, Silver Stock Investor is designed to help investors from novice to experienced navigate the silver waters and build portfolios that cover all of silver’s opportunities

The last time silver was set up like this was from 2001-2011.  That’s when silver surged by 1,080%! 

SILVER GAINS: 2001 - 2011 

Source: Silver Stock Investor 

Within that time frame, some silver stocks doubled that return, up over 20 times, or 2,000%! 

Then in 2016, silver exploded higher again.

Source: Silver Stock Investor 

Within just 7 months, silver was up 48%.  But a basket of silver miners, the Global X Silver Miners ETF (NYSE:SIL) was up an impressive 240%, providing a 5x leverage over the silver price. 

And if we compare the current silver bull market to previous bull markets, it’s clear the metal has much, much higher to go. 

That’s why you need to act now, while silver’s bull market is still young.  In fact, given the massive stimulus and historically low interest rates, silver is poised to outperform even its biggest bull market of the 1970s.  That’s when silver was up over 3,700% and many silver stocks outpaced that by an order of magnitude.